Lawn Fertilization:

Proper lawn care is the best medicine and fertilizer is a material that supplies one or more of the essential nutrients to plants that and will help your lawn stay thick and plush. When these nutrients are limited or unavailable, grass will often show deficient symptoms such as reduced growth, weak, frail plants, and discoloration. Fertilization and watering are part of any good lawn care regimen and it’s important to fertilize properly.

Did you know that fertilization is also an effective weed control? By making sure your grass is healthy and thick, you’ll effectively be preventing the growth of unwanted weeds making the weeds less welcome by leaving less space for them to grow. Also, most weed seeds will not make it to the soil since they do not receive a lot of sunlight and water.  It is all about control and prevention.

Setting you up on a proactive fertilization plan will help promote a green lawn and beautiful flowering gardens and increase the overall health of your landscape.  We offer different fertilizers based on your needs.  Our experts will determine what type of fertilization is needed and how often it should be treated in order to maintain your beautiful landscaping at its best.

The Lawn Enforcement will partner with you to create the perfect plan and then make it happen.  Together we will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.