Caring for your lawn and garden(s) requires exceptional attention to detail and a lot of extra time on your hands. The Lawn Enforcement has a team of trained and educated professionals specializing in landscape design, installation, and maintenance. From a simple front yard update to a complete renovation, landscape improvements will add visual interest and value to a home while making the space more functional or giving your existing one a new fresh look.

When considering plants for landscaping, we suggest that you choose a diverse range of flowers or shrubs choose plants that will bloom from May through October so that you get blossoms at different times of the season. Selecting bulbs that will bloom in the spring and ornamental grasses or croton's that become vibrant for the fall. If you have additional sections of your lawn you would like to transform but you need more time, we also offer a phased approach, which means working in sections of your yard over a period of time.

Let's talk about borders.

Our team typically adds edging around flower gardens, the house foundation, and sometimes sidewalks and driveways. Installing the edging in “curves” puts a nice spin on the traditional straight line. This adds diversity and character that makes it stand out like no other. Do not get us wrong, any edging added to your landscape really sets the tone and adds such a clean, crisp bed. Since the edging is permanent, it enhances the landscape all year long and it's an easy way to go from drab to fab.

We can construct a pathway, walkway, or any other landscaping feature from a material that's the same or similar to what's used on the exterior of your house, such as a brick or stone or even add edging to the makeshift walkway defining the route. Using matching or similar materials will tie in nicely to your home.

We have a variety of edging types to choose from. We can install plastic, metal, and brick to existing beds or even boulders for raised beds.

Our dedicated service and our passion for landscaping will result in a healthy and attractive landscaped yard year-round. Our team will help you stay ahead of the curve with services that will maintain functionality and appearance.