Hedge and Bush Maintenance:

The Lawn Enforcement has a vast knowledge of various types of landscaping plants including hedges and bushes. We understand what is needed to keep them healthy and thriving. This includes knowing when it is the right time to trim or to prune and or even if they need removal because they have become infected. Different hedges and bushes require different types of soil requirements, shade or sunny locations to keep them happy. Not all hedges and shrubs should be created equal. You need to know where a particular plant species will do it’s very best and our team is here to help.

When most people think of hedge trimming, they typically only consider the appearance and shape of the bush, but we understand that there is more to just keeping your hedges or shrubs looking beautiful. For instance, after trimming or pruning, we look deep inside the shrub for dead, diseased or damaged branches. We cut them out with hand pruners and remove all the dead branches in order to keep the bush from acquiring unnecessary diseases.

Non-blooming hedges or shrubs can be guided so that they take on a shape you are looking to add to your overall landscape. We will start pruning them when the shrubs are dormant, and then perform follow-up shaping during the growing season, after the spring growth spurt. For early spring flowering bushes or hedges, we trim those just after they bloom. Then we start to guide them so they grow to their prime size with strong stems and healthy foliage. Our team will structurally give your hedges an overall healthy, aesthetic and symmetric look.

Our customers rely on us to keep their property green and gorgeous year round. This is just another way to add beauty and maintain a healthy landscaped yard.